“This is a story about Project Vacation”


PVStuff Ventures (002449165-K) better known as PROJECT VACATION is set to be A TRAVEL & ADVENTURE HUB  for everyone to explore, connect, collaborate and inspire .PV promotes and encourages people to live the travel and adventure lifestyle by connecting them via PV Social Channels. As a HUB, PV focus more on knowledge and information sharing about travel & adventure through experience of others, not just ours. We believe that by sharing the kind of information people could translate the idea better to their own life.

PV is split into 3 different segment to create that  little push in life. Each segment cater their own needs and every segment is correlated with each other. With this HUB we hope that everyone could be an extraordinary rather than living a typical life worrying about the unknown future.



ThePVStuff created to fulfill dreamer’s dream. We saw the gap between the normal and the extraordinary, we act upon it. ThePVStuff work closely with the go-getters and the experts in travel & adventure scene to provide custom-made trips/event. By engaging this two groups we hope we able to spark interest and create opportunities for people to learn more and inspire others.

Not just that. Realizing the needs of working together to grow. ThePVStuff inviting more go-getters and experts to collaborate and give greater positive impact to the society.


Scuba diving is generally known to be a high class and high expense recreational activity. Most of the time the experience are being shared by the professionals like National Geographic makes it look like it is not for everybody. Little that we know, after a Discovery Scuba Diving class in Bali, we came back to Malaysia and enroll for a PADI Courses. Surprisingly it is not that hard and it is for everyone. Everyone who has strong heart and determination.

The magical feeling breathing underwater and witnessing the beauty, we determine to expose the great  experience to all. Working hand in hand with Scuba Diving professionals, PVDive now provides certification course, classes, trips and events.