10 Things you need to know about Cape Town, South Africa


CAPETOWN, SOUTH AFRICA!! It is quite a rare destination for us Malaysian right? Maybe due to less of exposure, location and cost. It is quite costly compared to all the South East Asia country and there are less information exposed in social media. Apparently, one of PVTeam member has been there, here we bring you 10 things you need to know about Cape Town and wait for the next article because we will share with you the Cape Town itinerary. Enjoy!

1. Scenic Drive

Capetown is famous for its famous scenic drive. There are several scenic drive but the best and most recommend is the Chapman’s Peak drive. When in Capetown, don’t forget to rent a car at hit it to the 9km Chapman’s Peak drive. You can make several stops along the way  to enjoy the strong wind and coastal view

2. Table Mountain

Listed as one of the 7th Wonder of Nature, Table Mountain really have its own value. Unique and magnificent is the best way to describe it. The best part about this Mountain is everyone can enjoy it because it is tourist friendly. Fully equipped with public facilities, well maintained and well organized. There is a cable car facilities connecting you from the bottom to the top of the mountain. at the top of the mountain, there are cafes, toilets and souvenir shops. Best part is to come during morning as you can see the clouds formation rolling over the side of the mountain forming “table cloth”. Alternatively, there are also safe route for hiking.

3. Lion's Head

Best during sunset. 2-3 hours of easy hike (with trail) will lead you to the best sunset panorama. From the top you can see the Capetown coastal on your right, and the capetown city of your left. Stunningly beautiful! Careful of strong winds during the hike.

4. Cape of Good Hope

Another amazing drive to get here. Ride through the coastal side of capetown and from here you can see the split between the ocean, where the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean met.

5. Boulders Beach

Meet the penguin at the Boulders beach! You can see the madagascar penguin here too.

6. The Safari

Flying to South Africa ain’t easy. Make sure you go to their safari and witness lion and rhinos up to 30meter close! There are few choices to choose from. Example, Sanbona Wildlife Reserve- four hours drive from Capetown, Garden Route Game Lodge and also Gondwana Private Game Reserve. There are also many others to choose from.

7. Activities to feed your soul

Heads up further to the South for selections of activities. You can do your sky jumping at the Mother City Sky Diving- It will cost you RM700 only! Which is cheaper than any Sky Diving Operator in Malaysia. If you want something more extreme, you can experience shark cage diving. Witness the most brutal sharks species live and if you opt for something more relax, try horseback riding.

8. Food to feed your stomach

Best part about South Africa is their authentic Peri-Peri Nandos chicken. Its big and its more juicy than any chicken I have ever tasted in the world. It is a must to try the Nandos there. Capetown also famous for their Beriyani. Big potion, cheaper price and more authentic. FYI, Malay Capetown exists! These are Malays who have been migrating themselves many years ago to Capetown. (They dont look much like us thou)

9. Culture

South Africa is rich and diverse with culture. The black tribes and unique and has its own characteristics. Whenever in South Africa, try to get to know some of their culture.

10. Flea Market

There are few flea market in Capetown, you can find a lot of Tribes handcraft, painting and carved stuff. Everything holds the authentic African tribe value. Famous flea market- 1. Milnerton flea market 2.Greenmarket square 3. Church Street Antique Market etc. These market are usually available during the morning only.

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