Percutian Bajet: 9 Cara Untuk Bercuti Tanpa Keluar Banyak Duit

percutian bajet

Percutian Bajet: 9 Cara Untuk Bercuti Tanpa Keluar Banyak Duit “Bestnya dapat cuti sambil jalan-jalan. Tapi macam mana nak dapat percutian bajet yang boleh jimat duit saya?” Sekiranya anda merancang untuk bercuti dengan riang tanpa perlu risau keluar duit dengan banyak, ini adalah artikel yang anda patut baca. Teruskan membaca sehingga tamat. 9 Cara Percutian […]

PADI Diving Course Malaysia: Everything You Wanted To Know

padi diving course malaysia

PADI Diving Course Malaysia: Everything You Wanted To Know If you’re looking to explore adventure and excitement in the deep blue sea – whether it’s for ocean experiences or scuba diving or just for the fun of it – we applaud you. A fulfilling journey lies ahead. What will you experience along the way? This […]

Pakej Percutian 2020 Paling Rare yang Anda Patut Cuba

pakej percutian

Pakej Percutian 2020 Paling Rare yang Anda Patut Cuba Adakah anda sedang mencari pakej percutian yang lain daripada yang lain? Mungkin anda nak pergi jalan-jalan ke tempat yang tak ramai orang pergi.  Anda nak tengok dan jelajah negara yang anda memang teringin sejak dahulu lagi. Sekiranya ia benar, anda berada di tempat yang betul. Di […]

Wow, 51 Tempat Menarik di Korea Yang Saya Wajib Pergi

tempat menarik di korea

Wow, 51 Tempat Menarik di Korea yang Saya Wajib Pergi Dalam K-Drama, ada banyak scene dekat tempat menarik di korea. Semua cantik dan best, mesti teringin nak pergi. Teringin nak pergi Korea, tapi tak tahu nak pergi mana? Di sini ada 51 tempat menarik di Korea yang anda mesti lawati. Pastinya trip ke Korea ini […]

Inilah Trip ke New Zealand yang Anda Tak Akan Lupa Sepanjang Hayat

trip ke new zealand

Inilah Trip ke New Zealand yang Anda Tak Akan Lupa Sepanjang Hayat Mencari tempat bercuti yang memukau dan lain daripada yang lain? Apa kata anda rancang trip ke New Zealand. Jika anda inginkan percutian yang menenangkan, New Zealand merupakan pilihan yang menarik. Dengan pemandangan yang indah dan unik, trip ke New Zealand anda pasti akan […]

Macam mana nak jadi scuba diver Macam mana nak jadi scuba diver? Mesti ramai yang tertanya tanya macam mana nak jadi scuba diver. Diver ni semua orang boleh ke? Macam mana nak mula? Tak reti berenang boleh join ke? Berapa kos dia ? Apa process dia ? dan bermacam macam persoalan lagi. So jom kitorang rungkai kan 5 perkara asas […]

7 Tips Travelling With Infant (Jeju Island Edition)

Married? Have kids ? 1 ? 2? 4? No matter how we will go through this phase of life. Get married and have kids of our own. To those who are new to this phase of life, would feel different when it comes to travelling.

Memorable trip to Taman Laut Sultan Iskandar

Growing up in Malaysia, I am used by the idea that the East Coast; Terengganu & Pahang offered the best sea, oceans and beaches. So when Project Vacation was invited to join Santai Travel’s media trip to Mersing, Johor, I must say I was skeptical at first. But boy how wrong was I!

10 Tips for Newbie to the World of Scuba Diving

I’ve always love being at the beach. The salty wind, the warm water and the bring sky are my fuel to live. I would usually go for a swim or just stay in the water for hours; it calms me.

#PVFOOD : 5 Things to do for PERFECT FOOD SHOTS

Imagine all the cool food photos you’ve seen on the internet. The photo looks so good that you instantly knew how delicious its gonna be. While using fancy cameras definitely help in creating delicious looking photos, you can also create an Instagram-worthy pictures of food using just your phone.

The Travel Essentials Guide

Space is at a premium when long-term traveling and you’ll be making hard choices about what comes with you and what doesn’t when planning a round-the-world trip.

5 Travel Hassles

It is understandable that sometimes you got confused with the timing of the flight and the ‘Gate Open’ or ‘Last Call’ announcement blinking on the monitor and sometimes you just do not pay attention to the lady blabbering things through the airport speakers.

Historical, Crazy Currents and Good Company!

You will never know something so beautiful and so perfect would go through a series of devastation that you’d never imagined. This haven island called Pulau Weh is a home of few shades of nature’s best.

PVDIVE : Bubble Of Hope 2016

We always wanted to gather our divers that has involved with us in one single occasion. Thus, in 2015 we initiated #PVMerdekaDive and it was a success and very memorable to us. We decided to have the same event annually to give deeper impact to the society not just a plain scuba diving gathering.

9 Solo Travelling Tips for Girls

Heyya ! Typically, anyone in the world would tell you “It’s not safe to travel alone”, especially if you’re a girl. And if you’re a girl like me who loves adventure, enjoys meeting new people and having her own space, you’d probably still insist on going on this ‘solo trip’ you’ve been having in your bucket list since forever !