PVDIVE : Bubble Of Hope 2016

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We always wanted to gather our divers that has involved with us in one single occasion. Thus, in 2015 we initiated #PVMerdekaDive and it was a success and very memorable to us. We decided to have the same event annually to give deeper impact to the society not just a plain scuba diving gathering.

Drove by the mission, we collaborated with Small Changes Malaysia to support their #SeedofDeeds program and give bigger impact to the society.


The program name ” Bubble of Hope ” quoted during a long discussion with the team. We blow bubbles and now the bubbles we blow will give so much hope to the future. The Bubble of Hope (BoH) event combined with PVDive mission to exposed the underwater world to public. The event is focusing on 3 different aspect.
  1. Scuba Diving Exposure
  2. Charity is Fun
  3. Fund Raising


“20 participants and 20 crew members involved in the event. 3days 2 nights full of scuba diving around Pulau Tioman, full of fun filed activities and a Hawaiian Acoustic Night. A night to remember for all participants that came from various background and united by the same passion”

Scuba Diving Exposure

We have invited Raja Razis from Oceanic Photo Lab  to speak about career in Scuba Diving and FadzrulNizar better known as @apathosaurus to speak about Underwater Photography. Raja has been in the industries for 20 good years and has certified over 1600 divers from beginner to professional levels. Fadzrul on the other hand has logged 600 dives within 3 years of diving accompanied by his camera capturing the beauty of the underwater world. By this we hope everyone is inspire and encouraged to be a Scuba Diver professional and an underwater photographer.

Scuba Diving Exposure

Back then people always think that charity is boring. Well that perception is wrong. With BoH Project we would like to change the perception and the way charity events being conducted.  Scuba diving and charity can co-exist side by side and we hope more will start to involve in this kind of events. During the event representative of Small Changes Malaysia Fazrul Khairy explains how they work and how does #SeedsOfDeeds create big impact to our society.


To raised more funds. We produced a Special Edition PVDive Bubble of Hope design. We engaged with a famous street artist Abdul Rashade to produced a master piece for this specific project. We like what we see and we would want it to continue as long as it could. Each purchase will contribute RM10 to the Bubble of Hope contribution to a selected charity goers. For 2016 it would be the Small Changes Malaysia for their #SeedsofDeeds program.


*You may purchase the item in our SHOP. The item comes in both cotton and drifit material.


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PVDIVE : Bubble Of Hope 2016