The Travel Essentials Guide

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Space is at a premium when long-term traveling and you’ll be making hard choices about what comes with you and what doesn’t when planning a round-the-world trip. There are however a few things you’d be unwise not to bring, which we always ended up bringing.

Here’s however the must have items in your bag. Feel free to add on to this.

#1: Microfibre Towel

The hardest part of travelling is to pack. What’s more if the space is limited. And you’re torn between bringing your big fluffy towel with you or not

Not every place you will crash will provide you with towels, even if they do, are they clean and absorbable? So bring your own instead! The good ones are made of synthetic mibrofibers that dry fast and condense down to nearly fist sized packages. You can easily get them from outdoor shops

#2: A Small LED Light

Traveling to developing countries, consistent electricity is a privilege not a right, and when the lights go out, which they will, having a flashlight will give you a way to avoid any inevitable freak out.

Also this is very helpful while camping out, if that’s what you like to do when you travel around the world.

Not to forget, this is useful for extra lighting while taking pictures during the night. Lol, but really, we’ve done it*seriousface*.

#3: A Ziplock Bag

Because looking for tiny items strewn all throughout your bag can drive you craycray , so take a small set of Ziplocs while travelling.

Ziplocks are ideal for keeping organization during times when things can be the complete opposite of that. Plus they’re multi-purpose.

It can be used for keeping wet items away from dry ones, storing food items (wash them inside out afterwards), and different currencies separated! Yeah stock up your ziplocks now.

#4: A Daypack bag/Totebag

If your main carry-on is a suitcase, then taking a small daypack as your personal item is easy because you can wear it on your back and pull the luggage.

If your main carry-on bag is a backpack, then you might want to use tote bag, or a messenger bag instead.

Why torture yourself carrying a big heavy bag while wandering around right? Plus, tote bag is a darling. You can fold it and press it in your luggage.

#5: International Travel Adapter

Needless to say, if you’re travelling with smartphones,powerbank,cameras,gopro, and hairdryer, this thing right here is your lifesaver.

Adapter/international adapter is compulsory especially when you’re travelling outside Malaysia.

If you’re travelling in group, don’t count only on one person to bring adapter. It is advisable for each person to bring one. It does not cost you a fortune though.

#6: Toiletries Kit

Cleanliness is everything. We know keeping yourself well groomed and clean can be challenging if you’re constantly on the road.

But hey, cleanliness is as important as your health. So, toiletries kit is a must.
If you don’t wanna cramp your bag,just bring the basics in small bottles. By basics we mean, soap,shampoo, toothbrush,toothpaste, deodorant.

Throw in your medical essential in there as well. Better safe than sorry!
That’s the last of our travel essentials. What else do you think the must bring? Share your thoughts!

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The Travel Essentials Guide